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Go Fo(u)rth and Read

You’re going to the community pancake breakfast, you’re going to watch the patriotic parade, you’ll fire up the backyard barbecue or lounge on the beach and you’ll round out the evening by watching fireworks. Great ways to celebrate Independence Day with family and friends. But what’s this holiday really about, and why does it especially matter in this all-important election year?

Lest we forget or take for granted how we obtained the democracy we enjoy (or want to enhance) in the U.S., there are many books – fiction as well as non-fiction, written then or now – that can remind, inform, enlighten or inspire us. Some of the best include:

Non-Fiction (Written Then)
Common Sense – Thomas Paine
The Federalist Papers – Alexander Hamilton
Autobiography – Benjamin Franklin
Democracy in America – Alexis de Tocqueville

Non-Fiction (Modern)
1776 – David McCullough
Washington’s Crossing – David Hackett Fischer
John Adams – David McCullough
Alexander Hamilton – Ron Chernow
Founding Brothers – Joseph J. Ellis
Paul Revere’s Ride – David Hackett Fischer

Burr – Gore Vidal
Rise to Rebellion – Jeff Shaara
Arundel – Kenneth Roberts

For Young Readers
Johnny Tremain – Esther Forbes
Sophia’s War – Avi
My Brother Sam Is Dead – James Lincoln Collier

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